Health Family Care

Health Family Care offers medico-social services

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Our objectives are to improve access to healthcare and secure the socio-economic situation of the families of the community.

Health Family care ensures that beneficiaries go as quickly as possible to benefit from the reduction in expenses.

Our services

We offer a health family coverage for families including primary healthcare,

reduced costs in case of hospitalisation, advice about and referral to health care centers

as well as helplines and group meetings.

Discover some of our member's stories:

“I'm Hasna Hena Nupur, 19, and I live in the Bhashantek slum. I am 9 months pregnant and my due date is May 3, 2020. As this is my first pregnancy, I was very nervous and although my husband has a very low income, we were wondering how we would manage the cost of the delivery. I then heard about HFC's services from one of my neighbors...

Miraz is a member of HFC, living in the slum of Bhashantek. He supports his family on a daily basis and they all live below the poverty line. During a home visit by HFC staff, he learned about the medical and health coverage by HFC and realized that at least four members of his family would benefit from it. Before becoming a member of HFC, Miraz shared an experience from a few years ago with us, when another organization was working in Bhashantek...

Aynal lives in the slum of Bhashantek. He is 5 years old. One day, he came with his mother to the HFC medical centre because of his disease. The HFC medical centre is located in the centre of Bhashantek slum, close to their home. Aynal’s mother showed her HFC card to the doctor and discussed her son's illness...

Roksana is a member of Health Family Care living in the Bhashantek slum in Dhaka with her family. All family members live in one small rented room. She was one of the first members to give birth using Health Family Care services. The situation was not so good for getting medical services at home and doctors were not coming to the slum...

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