Health Family Care

6'833 slum dwellers have received our services

21'320 primary healthcare covered 

1'704 specialist healthcare covered

1'816 home visits in case of illness

398 deliveries in hospital or maternity center

546 preventive health sessions

5'232 helpline calls (illness / advice)

Our story

Created in 2019, with the support of ATIA, Health Family Care has the main objective to improve access to quality health care for vulnerable families and the protection of their socio-economic situation through effective health coverage and socio-medical services.  

In 2020, Health Family Care launched its program in the Bhashantek slum by opening its first medical center. A care network has also been created around the slum in order to offer quality care to our beneficiaries. 

Throughout the past three years, Health Family Care has expanded its team to improve community outreach. Medico-social activities are well-developed and empower the community to be more health conscious.

Today, 6'833 people have already received services from our program. 

With the experience gained in Bhashantek, Health Family Care is a valuable partner to any organization having concern for the health conditions of vulnerable families. 


23'200'000 52% 18,5%

population in 2023 (+3.26%) of population living in slums (World Bank) Poverty rate in 2022 

(Ministry Finance)

Rapid urbanization, living conditions in slums, and poverty are real challenges to ensure universal access to healthcare. 

Our program

Our mutual health insurance service helps avoid “catastrophic” expenses plunging families once more into deep poverty, rationalises the treatment process (avoiding useless and expensive options) and limits the occurrence of preventable diseases. 


Discover the success stories that change the daily life of the Bhashantek slum dwellers. 


"When I got released from hospital, I received near 10'000 BDT coverage from Health Family Care and it was a big financial support."

Abdul Jalil

"We don't need to go far away and spend money, we can go to HFC medical center what is near to our house."